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Bitter Film Review of Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock

Bitter Film Review of Gravity Starring Sandra Bullock

Just another whiny look of despair on the incompetant face of Sandy's character.

Just another whiny look of despair on the incompetant face of Sandy’s character.

There are bad movies that are so bad that they are still good.  Then there are good movies that are so good they are really bad.  Then there are movies like Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and kind of George Clooney.  Yes, I am talking about a movie that came out last October and made all kinds of money. Before I…

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In case you missed it…because you didn’t really miss much

In case you missed it…because you didn’t really miss much

Didn't miss much...

Didn’t miss much…

If you a regular reader of this crap, uh I mean this blog, then you certainly didn’t miss much by skipping out this week.  In fact, I didn’t really miss much either, deciding that watching paint dry and grass grow much more interesting that deciding to do a blog for the amusement of no one.  But for the unfortunate few that actually look forward to reading something from this…

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Wasted Friday Giftures

Time.  Energy. Resources.  Money.  These are things that are limited and valuable.  These are also things that I have dedicated my life to wasting.  I have put my absolute minimum into making sure that all my resources have been put into the absolute worst possible use.  If there was a bad idea, I’ve funded it.  If there was a sinkhole to throw my money, I was magnetically attracted to it.  If…

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Bitter Wastecation

Rent a nice vehicle. Enjoy the trip, I mean the fall.

There is a lot of stress going on in this world (most of mine caused by myself) and a lot of ways that people deal with it.  Some people like to workout (why again?) others like to use something called retail therapy (whatever the crap that is) and still other like to write.  The last and most extreme option is vacation.

When you finally jump…

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In case you missed it…Because you were busy getting trapped in a toy store

In case you missed it…Because you were busy getting trapped in a toy store


…because you were busy getting trapped in a toy store. 

I got kicked out of the house this weekend because my mini me daughter had her birthday and she wanted to do it with other female humans.  So I had to get off the couch and stop being annoying dad for a little bit.  Mini me boy decided that he didn’t want to go the movies (basically a large sized television where I can sit and be lazy in…

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Real Moving Friday Giftures

Real Moving Friday Giftures

It’s been an exhausting week.  I’ve learned things, like maybe I want to live on Neptune, not only because it rains diamonds there, but also there are so few people there.  Maybe even none. And if that is even a remote possibility, then…Probably not though.  There is a whole Neptunerds that just want to talk to you constantly and are even more annoying than humans.  If that is the case, all the…

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Bitter Advice Thursday, Man(B.A.T.MAN)

Bitter Advice Thursday, Man(B.A.T.MAN)

Just here to offer some B.A.T. advice.

Just here to offer some B.A.T. advice.

I told you I was Batman.  You totally didn’t believe me! If you read this blog with any regularity, (meaning you read on Monday) I asked the question to you if you wanted Bitter Advice from.  I thought it was a joke, because really? Someone wants advice from me? But a few people responded (with questions even!) so I am here on a Thursday answering question…

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My Bitter Secret Identity

My Bitter Secret Identity



I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.  This one will probably take you a little time to process, but here goes.  I’m Batman.  Go ahead, gasp at your desk, or your phone or your Ipad.  Okay, have you had a chance to breathe?  Yes, I know it’s a little risky to tell you all this, but I’m doing it on this “Ben’s Bitter Blog” that some of you have been following for a quite a…

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The Bitter Realm Part 2

The Bitter Realm Part 2

So, I did a post last week about leaving this realm and going to another because doing stuff in this realm is hard and I’m laaazy.  This is the continuation of that post, which bored and astounded no one.  If you want something to put you to sleep, read the first part right here.  If you want excitement and adventure, stop reading this post 63 words ago.

So, here I am still in this stupid line.…

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Bitter Advice Column
It will probably be cancelled before it ever starts.

It will probably be cancelled before it ever starts.

Hello bitter people who occasionally read my blog.  I have a question for you.  Yeah you.  You know.  The one that reads this because you are bored at work and you have no access to anything on the internet but WordPress…. Yeah you.  One commenter of my blog suggested that I am really good at giving bad and bitter advice.  So I was just…

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